ATV Operator Training Course  (7-8 hours)


This Quad Safe course is a full day that takes all the basics anywhere up to extreme levels,

including some very technical bike set-up and tuning to get the most comfortable

and best performing ride on the trails.

  1. Registration, Introduction and Safety Briefing.
  2. Legislation.
  3. Environment Hazard Assessment and Site Safety Plan.
  4. Appropriate vehicle for task (Passengers).
  5. Personal Protective Equipment.
  6. Isolated work safety equipment.Tool kit, first aid, recovery gear, survival gear, communications.
  7. Pre-ride checks.
  8. ATV controls and set up.
  9. Basic operator maintenance.Trail side diagnostics, (fuel, spark, compression) Drowned ATV, Belt replacement, tyre repair.
  10. Starting and beginning operation.
  11. Operation:Dynamic riding style (how your body should operate an ATV).Braking, Turning, Operating on gradients, travelling up, down and traversing, Negotiating obstacles.Gear selection, 4×4.Reverse.
  12. Looking ahead, plan path of travel (and safe exit options).
  13. Steering or braking to stay safe?
  14. Suspension settings and tyre selection and inflation pressures.
  15. Load Carrying  (and how it affects 11,12,13,14 above)
  16. Attachments  (and how they affect 11,12,13,14 above)
  17. Towing  (and how it affects 11,12,13,14 above)Recovery of another ATV, towing home.
  18. Liquid loads  (and how they affect 11,12,13,14 above)
  19. Stock control work  (and how it affects 11,12,13,14 above)
  20. Skills, Learning, Practice and understanding operating limits (personal, machine or conditions).
  21. Shut down and park up (condition reporting to PCBU, PPE storage).
  22. Loading on to transport and unloading (securing).
  23. Fatigue, Alcohol and other drugs.
  24. Unique operation requirements or hazards.Log crossing, water crossing, desert sand,
  25. Questions and Close.