SSV (Side by Side Vehicle) Operator Training Course (4-5 hours)

SSV’s are an incredibly capable work tool that require respect.

This Course is aimed at arming SSV operators with the skills to operate safely and efficiently in a work environment.  Each course is contextualized to your individual machine and application in the field.

For any senior (over 16 years).

  1. Registration, Introduction and Safety Briefing.
  2. Legislation.
  3. Environment Hazard Assessment and Site Safety Plan.
  4. Appropriate vehicle for task (Passengers).
  5. Personal Protective Equipment (enterprise requirements).
  6. Isolated environment safety equipment.
  7. Pre-operational checks.
  8. SSV controls and set up.
  9. Basic operator maintenance.
  10. Starting and beginning operation.
  11. Operation: Hands in, Seat belt and nets. Keys, Modes (locked rear axle / turf mode), Gear selection, 4×4. Braking, Turning, Operating on gradients, travelling up, down and traversing, Negotiating obstacles, Bitumen. Reverse.
  12. Looking ahead, plan path of travel (and safe exit options).
  1. Steering or braking to stay safe?
  2. Suspension settings and tyre selection and inflation pressures.
  3. Load Carrying (and how it affects 11,12,13,14 above)
  4. Attachments (and how they affect 11,12,13,14 above)
  5. Towing (and how it affects 11,12,13,14 above)
  6. Liquid loads (and how they affect 11,12,13,14 above)
  7. Operating in groups, or close to others. Stock control or animals.
  8. Skills, Learning, Practice and understanding operating limits (personal, machine or conditions).
  9. Shut down and park up (condition reporting to PCBU, PPE storage).
  10. Loading on to transport and unloading (securing).
  11. Fatigue, Alcohol and other drugs.
  12. Unique operation requirements or hazards, Environmental concerns.
  13. Questions and Close.